ME 310: Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics

Class Description:

Introduction to fluid mechanics with coverage of theory and applications of incompressible viscous and inviscid flows, and compressible high speed flows. Prerequisite: MATH 285 and credit or concurrent registration in ME 300. 4 undergraduate hours.


1. Introduction, definitions, fluid kinematics

2. Hydrostatics, including manometers, Bourdon gauges and pressure transducers

3. Control volume equations for continuity, linear momentum, angular momentum, and energy; Bernoulli's equation; includes pitot tubes, Venturi meters, orifice meters and hot wire anemometers

4. Differential continuity and momentum equations

5. Dimensional similitude and model testing

6. Viscous flows, pipe flows

7. Boundary layers, lift and drag

8. Potential flow, superposition, numerical solutions

9. Compressible flow


1. Fluid properties

2. Centrifugal pump characterization

3. Free air jet

4. Pipe flow

5. Design project

6. Cylinder in cross flow


ME:  Required.

EM:  TAM 335 required instead.

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