ME 320: Heat Transfer

Class Description:

Principles and application of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and thermal radiation. Prerequisite: ME 310 or TAM 335. 4 undergraduate hours.


1. Modes of heat transfer

2. Temperature and measurement devices

3. Steady-state, one-dimensional heat conduction, heat transfer

4. Extended surface heat transfer

5. Transient one-dimensional heat conduction

6. Numerical methods in conduction

7. Overview of radiation heat transfer

8. Wavelength-dependent surface properties

9. Directional characteristics of thermal radiation

10. View factors

11. Graybody exchange

12 Overview of convection heat transfer

13. External and internal flows

14. Heat exchangers


1. Temperature Measurement

2. Conduction

3. Convection

4. Heat Exchangers

5. Design Project

6. Radiation


ME:  Required.

EM:  Possible secondary field, with approval.

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