ME 598-HTJ: Nanomechanical Modeling of Materials

Class Description:

In recent years there has been considerable research activity in developing modeling approaches that span the many length and time scales required to accurately predict material behavior. For example, the role of electronic structure and atomistic defects in macroscopic mechanical properties is now widely appreciated. This course will focus on the theory and application of multiscale computational models, including both atomistic and continuum descriptions, and the underlying mechanics and physics that inform these models.

The course will draw from many references including recent textbooks and journal articles, and will follow a forthcoming book by E. Tadmor and R. Miller, entitled “Modeling Materials: Continuum, Atomistic, and Multiscale Techniques,” (Cambridge University Press, 2009). The course grade will be based on regular homework assignments and a final project. A background in basic computational mechanics methods (such as from ME 471 or TAM 470) will be helpful. Graduate standing in mechanical engineering, engineering mechanics, or a related discipline is required. Interested students should contact the professor.

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