ME 598-MTS: Mechanics of MEMS

Class Description:

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) is an evolving field and is highly interdisciplinary in nature. This course will examine a few fundamental issues related to MEMS materials, forces and dynamics. These issues derive their attributes from the small size scale - whether it is the dimension of MEMS, or the proximity between neighboring entities, or the characteristic length of the micro structure of materials - and hence they are shared by a large class of MEMS irrespective of their applications. The goal of the course is to provide fundamental understanding of MEMS necessary for advanced MEMS design and analysis. There is no text book for the course, but several books and articles will be referred.

Grading will be based on five home works, one mid term exam, and a final project.

Pre-requisite: consent of the instructor.

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