TAM 514: Elastodynamics and Vibrations

Class Description:

Review of theory of multi-degree-of-freedom systems; problems in the free and forced vibration of continuous linear elastic structures, rods, beams, membranes, plates, and three-dimensional solid and fluid bodies; Lagrangian densities, Sturm-Liouville problems, time and frequency domains, damping, Green's functions, and elastic waves; propagation and modal analysis; modeling of damping in structures; response of complex structures.  Credit:  4 hours  
Prerequisites: TAM 412, TAM 542, and TAM 551.  
Tentative List of Contents: 
Review of the theory of multi-DOF linear vibrating systems 
Wave equation
Beam equation
General Sturm-Liouville theory of eigenvalue problems 
Vibrations of membranes and plates 
Elements of wave propagation in strings
Principles and Techniques of Vibration Analysis, Leonard Meirovitch (recommended).
Homework assignments and projects: 70%
Final exam: 30%

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