TAM 538: Turbulence

Class Description:

Instability and origins of chaotic motion in fluid flow; Reynolds averaging and statistical description of turbulence, correlations and spectral dynamics of homogeneous turbulence, anisotropic flows, coherent structures, inhomogeneous turbulence, transport models, and large-eddy simulations. Prerequisite: TAM 532. 4 graduate hours.

S. B. Pope, Tubulent Flows, Cambridge University Press
G. K. Batchelor, The Theory of Homogeneous Turbulence, Cambridge University Press


Introduction to hydrodynamic instability and origin of chaotic and turbulent motion (2 hr)
Reynolds averaged equations and classical closure theories (4 hr)
Stochastic concepts, correlation and spectral tensors and their representation; power spectra (6 hr)
Isotropic turbulence: kinematics, spectral dynamics (6 hr)
Locally isotropic turbulence, rapid-distortion theory, tendency to isotropy (6 hr)
Anisotropic turbulence, rapid-distortion theory, tendency to isotropy (6 hr)
Inhomogeneous free shear turbulence|mdash;jets, wakes and mixing layers (5 hr)
Wall-bounded turbulent flows-pipe flow, boundary layers, effect of surface roughness (5 hr)
Turbulence closure theories: algebraic, K-e, and Reynolds stress models (4 hr)
Modern concepts: coherent structures, direct and large-eddy numerical simulations (12 hr)
Exams (2 hr)

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