TAM 555: Fracture Mechanics

Class Description:

Unified analytical treatment of modern fracture problems: macroscopic theories used to determine the static strength of bodies containing cracks; Griffith criterion, linear-elastic fracture mechanics, elastic-plastic fracture mechanics models; small-scale yielding results and their implications; general yielding; interfacial fracture; fracture control; micromechanisms of fracture. Prerequisite: TAM 424 or MSE 440; TAM 541; TAM 552. 4 graduate hours.


Kanninen and Popelar, Advanced Fracture Mechanics, New York: Oxford Press (1985)
Hellan, Introduction to Fracture Mechanics, New York: McGraw-Hill (1984)
Hutchinson, Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics, Technical Report, University of Denmark (1979)


Evolution of modern fracture mechanics (4 hr)

Brittle fracture (4 hr)

Linear-elastic fracture mechanics (20 hr)
Elastic singularity, small-scale yielding
Energy aspects, J integral, crack growth and stability

Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (14 hr)
Compliance analysis, Mode III complete solutions
Hutchinson|ndash;Rice|ndash;Rosengren singular fields
Cohesive zone models

Cracks at (or below) material interfaces (6 hr)

Micromechanisms of fracture (12 hr)


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