President Obama honors MechSE assistant professor Randy Ewoldt among 102 scientists and researchers
Professor Andrew Alleyne talks to an audience at the IEEE conference about his approach to power flow that accommodates multiple power modes.
Professor Naira Hovakimyan's startup IntelinAir uses drones and airplanes with advanced imaging technology to aid farmers in analyzing their field...
Professor Carlos Pantano hopes to aid missions to Mars with improved flexible parachutes used for deceleration.
Thanks to a grant from F&S, the MEB cleanroom will see a 50 percent decrease in water and sanitary usage.
Assistant Professor Randy Ewoldt's research on the fish's spring-loaded vertebral column was recently featured in Nature.
MechSE professor Andrew Alleyne shared his advice with December PhD graduates at the campus' December 10 hooding ceremony.
Professor has Iwona Jasiuk received the American Advanced Materials Award from the International Association of Advanced Materials.
Associate Professor Emeritus Mike Philpott helped blaze the trail for MechSE startups when he launched aPriori nearly 15 years ago.
Recent PhD grad Ritu Raman has helped develop the Young Engineers Initiative into a program that introduces STEM careers to children in Kenya.
An ongoing project funded by the Jump ARCHES program at Illinois has the potential to revolutionize how med students understand muscle diseases.
Dr. Downing talks to MechSE about his many career experiences.
MechSE professor Martin Ostoja-Starzewski gave talks on continuum mechanics at the University of Seville.
Professors Jasiuk and Wagoner Johnson will get to focus solely on their proposed new research projects, thanks to an award from the Center for Advanced Study.
Complex-fluid research from MechSE assistant professor Randy Ewoldt and PhD candidate Jeremy Koch appears as a news article in Science.
We highlight Wami Dosunmu-Ogunbi in this first of a new series on several undergraduate scholarship recipients.
Three MechSE alumni (and family!) talk to the ME 390 class about pursuing unexpected careers with mechanical engineering degrees.
Lisa Burdin, Holly Foster, and Ruthie Lubkeman take on a wide range of valuable support responsibilities.
Patty Weisensee focuses on heat transfer in electronics, working in the Energy Transport Research Lab to further the goals of the POETS Center.
Graduate student Ritu Raman's research presentation was judged to be the best on campus.

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