PhD candidate Matt Rosenberger will begin a postdoc position with the Naval Research Laboratory, thanks to a fellowship from the National Research Council.
The need for advanced technologies in the petroleum industry motivates Assistant Professor Nenad Miljkovic's new research into the mechanics of...
Assistant Professor Seok Kim builds upon his work on micromanufacturing to assemble multiple materials using transfer printing and thermal processing.
The traffic flow can be daunting, but the MechSE Undergraduate Programs Office is up for the challenge.
Professor Placid Ferreira's student, Jorge Correa, was awarded for a paper he presented on "Laminated Micro-Machine: Design and Fabrication of a...
Mariana Kersh and her students work to change the perceptions of mechanical engineering through outreach to younger generations of students.
Alison Dunn will map how the surfaces of hydrated polymers, like hydrogels, evolve as they experience surface slip.
ASME's 2016 winners of their Honorary Membership include Professor Shiv Kapoor.
SungWoo Nam and other Illinois researchers find that doping-induced modulation of graphene influences its wettability and adhesion.
Mechanical engineering undergrad Abby Pakeltis, a one-time GBAM camper, enjoyed her new role as camp counselor.
This year's campers came from around the world to see mechanical engineering in action.
Moshe Matalon was awarded AIAA's Fluid Dynamics Award.
MechSE's Grants and Contracts staff play an important role in our faculty's research funding.
MechSE's education coordinator brings engineering to the masses through exceptional outreach efforts.
Students can begin online and part-time options as soon as Fall 2016.
Real estate mogul Zaya Younan received MechSE honor in April 2016.
Grad student Malia Kawamura was awarded an NSF fellowship for her work in Professor Alleyne's lab.
Aimy Wissa's work on bio-inspired UASs are featured in the drone engineering and policy website, Inside Unmanned Systems.
Successful and inspiring alumnus Alex Meyer (BSME '99) connected with this year's graduating seniors at the May event.
Competing at the SAE Supermileage competition, the team set a new University of Illinois record.

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