Advising Resources

Each undergraduate student has multiple advising resources: their faculty advisor, the Online Advising Manual, the Undergraduate Programs Office and the College of Engineering.

1) Faculty Advisor

All students are assigned a faculty advisor upon entering the Department. You are required to meet with your faculty advisor at least once each semester, specifically during the pre-registration advising period (advance enrollment period) for the coming semester. The purpose of faculty advising of students is to provide the students with career advice and to assist the students with tailoring their coursework and experiences (internships, research, study abroad, student societies, etc.) to achieve their academic and professional goals. If students make good use of their advising sessions, the faculty advisor will be an excellent potential source for letters of recommendations for jobs, graduate school, fellowships, and scholarships.

In order to schedule an advising appointment, students should go to the My.MechSE web portal ( and complete the following steps:
- Use the curriculum planning consultant to fill out the interactive flow sheet with your course plan for the following semester.
- Upload your Resume/CV
Students should also print their Degree Audit (DARS) and bring it to their meeting

2) Online Advising Manual

The Online Advising Manual with a list of topics that commonly arise during the faculty advisor meetings.
If you have additional curriculum requirement and procedural questions that are not addressed in the advising manual, please contact the MechSE Undergraduate Programs Office in 154 MEB or by email at mechse-ug-adviseatillinois [dot] edu (Email is preferred and will result in a quicker resolution of issues).

3) Undergraduate Programs Office

The Undergraduate Programs Office is the departmental resource center for undergraduate students and faculty. The office staff includes:

  • Professor Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler, Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs
  • Dr. Emad Jassim, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Chief Advisor
  • Dr. Mariana Silva, Advisor and Lecturer
  • Missy Biehl, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator and Advisor
  • Tammy Smith, Office Support Specialist
  • Pam Vanetta, Office Support Specialist

The preferred method for contacting Undergraduate Programs Office staff or advisors is by email at mechse-ug-adviseatillinois [dot] edu.

4) College of Engineering Office of Academic Programs

At the college-level, students can "walk-in" to see an academic advisor from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, at 206 Engineering Hall.


Contact Info

Undergraduate Programs Office
154 MEB
1206 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-0366
mechse-undergradatillinois [dot] edu